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Simon C
11/08/2015 23:12
Some great times in this place. Now just memories...
25/01/2015 00:29
Memorable times. What a family we were!
Helen Lines
07/01/2015 15:31
Christoff good news and bad news best ever quotes never to be forgotten..
Good news is we have got new CDJ's
Bad news is you wont be using them....
That's how people used to get the sack.
Good news is you got the job...
Bad news is your bed is in the corner as you will soon feel like you live here ha ha ha ha
17/09/2014 14:04
a great dance bar and club and building
Ben Cleary
15/11/2013 13:56
The birthplace of soulful house and US garage in Portsmouth. Thanks to Dave Shepherd at BCS, Frisco's boasted the best sound system Pompey has ever known and will ever know. Unless you were there, you'll never be able to fully appreciate what sixteen 18" subwoofers sounded like in a basement! Marty, Miles, and Fiona's Kindergarten events were what Friday nights were made for. Thanks for the good times BarBluu, you were one of the best parts of my early 20s. God bless. x
Kevin Dunbar
14/08/2013 11:00
R.I.P. Bar Bluu... 1 of the best clubs I've been in, such a shame. It was cosy & located well, as well as good sounds... :(
05/07/2013 10:03
Miss that old place!
04/07/2013 17:08
So the time has come to retire the old barbluu.com website. Despite being closed for almost 5 years the site was still getting a shocking amount of hits, but the code was old & frail and susceptible to hackers & junk.

So, it's all gone now.

Feel free to leave your thoughts & memories here if you wish.

The DJ has called time, the music has chilled, the house lights are on.

Where's the afterparty???